To Manufacture and promote vegetarian Food Products, by innovatively and honestly combining Health, Taste and Quality.
We are intent on being the best investment for our customers, business partners and employees.

Company Overview

Jahagirdar Bakers was established in 1996 with the view of bringing health and taste together. ‘Bakery Products – the healthy way’ has been our motto ever since.

Mr. Milind Jahagirdar, founder of the company – started off his carrier as an employee of Britannia Biscuits. He worked with Britannia for almost 8 years during which he obtained the knowledge of Biscuit Manufacturing. During this period, it occurred to Mr. Jahagirdar that though with the passing of time the biscuit industry was becoming more and more automated and up to date; the main ingredients in biscuits were the same i.e. flour (Maida), fats and sugar. And though not health hazardous, these food items are certainly not health friendly. So he decided to think of some way of making biscuits healthy and nutritious. And after 2 years of profound research Jahagirdar Bakers’ Health Care Biscuits Range was formulated.

Starting with regular Whole Wheat biscuits, Mr. Jahagirdar researched and developed a whole wide range of Health Friendly Biscuits like Nagali (Ragi) Biscuits, Soya bean Biscuits, Dibicheck Biscuits (for diabetic persons), Dibeban Biscuits (Sugar free biscuits), Cranberry Biscuits etc. These biscuits do not contain Any Maida or Artificial Preservatives or Colors. Usage of ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Gulvel extracts etc makes these biscuits very nutritious and wholesome. Along with these Health Friendly Biscuits, the company also manufactures other bakery products like High Fiber Khari, Special Khari, Swiss Khari, Toasts, and Surti Butter etc. and the concept of ‘healthy and taste together’ is incorporated in each of these products.

Originally started as a bakery, the company is also renowened for Sweets, Namkin, Wafers, Khakharas, Bakarwadi and Indian snacks like Chakli, Kadboli etc.

Though we are mainly situated at Nasik, our products are available in almost every city of Maharashtra, and also in some cities of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh etc.